Dean of Academics

Dr Marina Fox BSc(Physiol), BSc(Chiro), DICCP, CertTT, Chiropractor
+64 9 526 6789 ext 230 | Email: Dean of Academics

Dean of Chiropractic
Dr Katie Pritchard B.Sc, BSc(Chiro), DICNDP, Chiropractor

Dean of Research
Dr Kelly Holt BSc(Chiro), PGDipHSc, PhD, Chiropractor

Louise Dexter NCB
+64 9 526 2109 | Email: Registrar

Academic Assistant
Tejaswini Joshi B.Sc, PGDipBusAdmin
+64 9 526 6789 ext 205 | Email: Assistant Registrar

Head of Department: Diagnostic Imaging
Dr John Bassano DC, DACBR, CertTT, Chiropractor
+64 9 526 2108 | Email: Head of Diagnostic Imaging

Head of Department: Philosophy
Dr Phil McMaster DC, ACP, Chiropractor 

Head of Department: Technique
Dr Matthew Sherson BSc(Psych), BSc(Chiro), CertTT, Chiropractor

Head of Department: Basic Sciences
Dr Kathryn Allen PhD

Lecturer and Intern Mentor Manager
Dr Lisa Baptista BA (Sports Admin) DC, CertTT, Chiropractor

Senior Lecturer and Intern Mentor
Dr Graham Dobson DC, Chiropractor
+64 9 526 6789 ext 214 

Lecturer and Intern Mentor
Dr Oscar Bacino BSc(Physio), MSc(Psy) B Chiro, Cert (Gonst Amb), Chiropractor

Lecturer and Intern Mentor
Dr Alice Cade BSc(Physiol), BSc(Chiro), DICCP, CertTT, MHSc, Chiropractor

Lecturer and Intern Mentor
Dr Murray Findlay BA, B.Sc, MChiro, CertTT, Chiropractor

Lecturer and Intern Mentor
Dr Lisa Jian Bchiro, CertTT, Chiropractor

Dr Nicola Pope BSc(Chiro), DICCP, Chiropractor

Sarojini Santhrasergaran MBBS, MPath

Dr Barry Rushton DC, Chiropractor

Visiting Fellow
Dr Bruce Lipton PhD

Diagnostic Imaging Resident
Dr Walid Bashouri Bchiro
Email: Diagnostic Imaging Resident

Diagnostic Imaging Resident
Dr Hannah Gaskin Bchiro

Diagnostic Imaging Resident
Dr Ryan Smyth Bchiro

Stephanie Bacon BA, MLIS, NZLS Cert
+64 9 526 2103 | Email: Librarian

Library Assistant
Subashini Nanthakumar DipILS
+64 9 526 2103 | Email: Library Assistant


Chiropractic Centre

Office Manager - Chiropractic Centre

Jocelyn Murphy
Email: Office Manager - Chiropractic Centre

Chiropractic Assistants

Stacey Loose

Amy Lai

Intern Mentors 

Dr Oscar Bacino BSc(Physio), MSc(Psy) BChiro

Dr Lisa Baptista BA(Sports Admin), DC

Dr Jodie Blackbourn B App Sci (Chiro)

Dr Melinda Bredin BA(Psych), BChiro, MNZCA

Dr Alice Cade BSc(Physiol), BSc(Chiro), DICCP

Dr Jens Duehr, Bchiro

Dr Murray Findlay BA, B.Sc, MChiro, CertTT

Dr Marina Fox BSc(Physiol), BSc(Chiro), DICCP, CertTT

Dr Hannah Gaskin, Bchiro

Dr Todd Keenan BSc(Psych), BSc(Chiro)

Dr Janette McCormick BSc(Psych), BSc(Chiro), DICCP

Dr Nicola Pope BSc(Chiro), DICCP

Dr Kirk Stevens BSc(Psych), BSc(Chiro)

Dr Graham Dobson DC

Dr Matthew Sherson BSc(Psych), BSc(Chiro), CertTT

Dr Rob Stewart DC

Dr Adrian Stocco Bchiro

Dr Jesse Cleave Bchiro

Dr Sally McKerrow BBus(Mgmt), GCM, Bchiro

Dr Tom Vaughan Bchiro

Dr Tim Cooper BSc(Pharm & Physiol), BSc(Chiro)

Dr Tanja Glucina B.Sc, B.Sc (Chiro)

Dr Randall Farrant, DC

Dr Walid Bashouri, Bchiro

Dr Lisa Jian, Bchiro, CertTT