What is the NZCSA?

The student association works closely with the College and its students to organise events, resolve issues and facilitate improvements to the learning environment that ultimately fosters cohesion. The Association operates under a set of rules (its Constitution) and is run by an Executive Committee which consists of elected executive officers and class representatives.


To provide a support network for its members and to be their voice at all levels whilst providing an unforgettable student experience.


Through strong leadership and integrity the NZCSA wishes to foster the evolution of its members, and build a nurturing community at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.


President - Brandon Lerch
Vice President - Melanie Kleinhans
Officer of Finance - Kris Ziepes
Officer of Communications - Larry Ha Chu
Officer of Social - Josh Krakosky
Officer of Administration - Olivia Cox
Officer of Merchandise - Elly Whittaker


Year 1 Class Reps: Andrew Petryshyn and Jasmin West

Year 2 Class Reps: Elly Whittaker and Nina Linnell

Year 3 Class Rep: Melanie Kleinhans
Year 3 Intern Reps: Taylor Martin and Lydia McClean

Year 4 Class Rep: Daxon Jones
Year 4 Intern Rep: Matt Wheatcroft

We look forward to helping you get the most out of your journey here at the College.

You can find us online or on Facebook.