The student research experience begins during the first semester of the chiropractic programme when students enrol in the College's 'Evidence Based Chiropractic' course. This course provides students with the foundational knowledge they require to perform literature searches and critically appraise and apply best evidence for health promotion and patient care. Most courses through the College curriculum build on this foundational knowledge and introduce current research where possible. During later courses at the College, students either write case studies, many of which are published in peer reviewed journals, or they participate in research projects that are conducted at the College's Centre for Chiropractic Research.

During their time at the College, students are encouraged to participate in regular Journal Club meetings. The mission of the Journal Club is to keep its members exposed to, and up to date with current and relevant chiropractic research, and to enhance its member's abilities to understand, present, discuss and critique chiropractic research.

Opportunities exist for students who are interested in pursuing formal post-graduate research training to join the College's research team once they finish their studies at the College. Active research partnerships are currently in place, that allow chiropractic graduates to conduct research projects that involve collaborations between the College's Centre for Chiropractic Research and local and international post-graduate degree providers.


 Students interested in research should contact Dr Kelly Holt