'Become a ‘Friend of NZCC’

Why? To be part of chiropractic's future

Friends of NZCC is a regular giving programme that allows you to donate as little as $10 a month to support the future of chiropractic. Regular donations enable the College to plan ahead and provide the best possible chiropractic education programme today and for years to come.

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Be the difference that you want to see in the world: this is what your donations achieve

  • Donations made to Friends of NZCC benefit our current student body. Your donations fund the equipment and the expansion that enables NZCC to offer a world class chiropractic education that attracts students from across the globe.
  • One of the keys to NZCC's success is knowing we have a secure and sustainable future. Contributions to Friends of NZCC help to secure the future of the College and provide for the next generation of chiropractic students.
  • Regular 'unrestricted' donations fund the majority of operations here at the College. Unrestricted means the money isn't earmarked for a specific purpose and can instead be used when and where it is needed most. As a non-profit organisation, this is the most important type of funding for us.


Be inspired by your membership

  • ?As a Friend of NZCC we hope you'll share in our excitement about the future of the College and enjoy celebrating the success of our students with us. To keep you up to date we'll send you a free, quarterly newsletter packed with the latest College news, events, and visiting speakers from New Zealand and overseas.
  • We also want to thank you for your support: when you join Friends of NZCC you'll receive Certificate of Giving. Please display your certificate with pride in your office or practice and maybe you'll inspire someone else to support the future of chiropractic!
  • We value your input and look forward to inviting your suggestion on many of the projects we are working on here at NZCC - look out for your opportunity to contribute.


Joining Friends of NZCC is easy

Simply email with your full name, contact details, and the amount you'd like to donate per month.

Want to donate more than $125 a month? Then we warmly invite you to join our prestigious Tua Iwi Foundation.

Thank you for your wonderful support!