Tua Iwi for Chiropractors"We join our HANDS, open our HEARTS and engage our MINDS together for the future of chiropractic."


What is the Tua Iwi Foundation?

The Tua Iwi Foundation is the heart of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. It is for those who share our vision of a world of people expressing optimal potential.

The name Tua Iwi comes from the Maori word Tua meaning 'spine' or 'backbone' and iwi meaning 'family' or 'tribe'.

The Tua Iwi Foundation was established by the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in 2002 and has since grown to include people from all over the world who support the College in teaching vitalistic chiropractic.

Tua Iwi members share the same values and vision of chiropractic as the College and choose to provide regular financial support to the College.

helping chiropractorsSecuring the future of Chiropractic

Contributions to the Tua Iwi Foundation support our mission to be a leader in philosophically-driven chiropractic education.

Donations enrich the lives of our students, strengthen our programme and secure the future of our College and profession. The Tua Iwi fund provides equipment vital to the growth of the campus and facilities that promote an optimum learning environment.

In the past, Tua Iwi donations have allowed us to expand our IT infrastructure including wireless internet, to grow the campus library collection, to renovate our on-site Wellness Cafe and purchase much needed technique equipment for the Chiropractic Centre.

These purchases among many others have made a huge difference.

Our vision is that the Tua Iwi Foundation will continue to be the heart of future development for our College and all of it's graduates.

What is our commitment to you?

Your involvement in the College is just as important as your financial support.

As a member of the Tua Iwi Foundation, we are committed to keeping you up to date on what is happening here and inviting you to be involved wherever possible.

All members will receive:

  • A wall plaque and a new plate to affix each year
  • A distinguished lapel pin to be proudly worn at chiropractic gatherings
  • Invitations to College events including the President's Breakfast at Lyceum
  • Regular newsletters
  • Your name printed on the Tua Iwi Honours Board in the College foyer.

chiropractic givingBecome a Member

Membership can begin at any time of the year by completing a pledge form.

The Tua Iwi Foundation is comprised of the following levels of monthly giving:

Platinum: from NZD$835 per month

Gold: from NZD$420 per month

Silver: from NZD$210 per month

Bronze: from NZD$125 per month

Join today!

To become a member of the Tua Iwi Foundation, or to ask questions about this programme, please contact the college President, Dr Phil McMaster, NZCC by emailing