The New Zealand College of Chiropractic is based in Auckland, and our green and modern campus is a friendly and caring environment. Small class sizes allow students to benefit from a lot of contact with our experienced and highly qualified faculty.

Our mission is to graduate the world’s best chiropractors who have the confidence, knowledge and skills to succeed professionally and personally. 

We are the only private chiropractic college in Australasia and are accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and the Council of Chiropractic Education Australasia.

Your Chiropractic Training

The experience our students gain as a result of having to meet the highest practice requirements of any college around the world makes our graduates highly sought after and ready to start practicing as soon as they graduate. Typically, students have an average of 700 patient visits during their internship in the last two years of the programme.  

Our focus on the philosophy of chiropractic also makes us unique. We recognise the body’s intelligence and ability to heal itself. This is reflected in our curriculum which focuses equally on the science, philosophy and art of chiropractic. The work of the world-renowned research team is incorporated into our evidence based curriculum.


Chiropractic College life

Chiropractic LifeStudents and faculty get to know each other well and there is a strong sense of community supported by a family focussed culture. There are a wide range of social activities throughout the year including sports tournaments, ski trips, barbecues and quiz nights. A variety of student clubs also meet regularly to debate, discuss and share ideas.  The New Zealand Chiropractic Students’ Association acts as the student voice and a support network for the student body.

Personal and professional development is a really important part of your education. First year students attend Camp 101 which is a leadership and team building weekend to set the scene for their College experience. The third years student interns join the chiropractic abroad trip to provide chiropractic care in the Pacific Islands. The fourth year student interns volunteer at the Koha Chiropractic Centre at a local marae.